MISS_HIT 0.9.43-dev Diff Tool
MISS_HIT includes a diff tool for Simulink models (mh_diff).
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Simulink diff utility for git

Work In Progress

This tool is work in progress, but should work well enough to be used. However please do not yet rely on its output or completeness to identify all parts of a changed model in safety related contexts. Specifically only MATLAB code blocks are considered, any other change in the model is ignored.


The intended way to use this tool is through git difftool. For example:
git difftool HEAD^ -yx mh_diff Potato.slx
If you have KDiff3 installed, you can also use the --kdiff3 option to show a graphical diff:
git difftool HEAD^ -yx "mh_diff --kdiff3" Potato.slx
It is possible to use the tool directly; in which case two arguments must be supplied: two files to diff. For example:
mh_diff --kdiff3 Basic_Potato.slx Custom_Potato.slx


  • The key limitation is that only MATLAB code blocks are considered. All other differences in the model are ignored.
  • Renamed blocks are not dealt with correctly (they are shown as 2 diffs, a removed block and an added block).