MISS_HIT 0.9.43-dev Documentation
MISS_HIT is a compiler framework for the MATLAB and Octave programming languages, and a set of tools for improving code quality and correctness. MISS_HIT offers a variety of tools, for any level of static analysis needed.

Tools (GPL Licensed)

MISS_HIT comes with two basic tools that are an essential basis for code quality:
  • Style Checker - a simple style checker and code formatter. Can auto-fix most issues.
  • Code Metrics - a simple code metric tool that supports many common code metrics.

Tools (AGPL Licensed)

Static analysis tools can be classified by three properties. Any tools can have up to two of these properties, but it is impossible to have all three for non-trivial source languages (i.e. languages that contain loops):
  • automatic: This means a tool does not require human intervention, such as loop invariants or precondition annotations.
  • sound: This means a tool will never miss a bug. There could be false alarms, but every bug will be found.
  • complete: This means a tool will never raise a false alarm. Any issue found is a real issue; but there is no guarantee that all issues will be found.
MISS_HIT offers a number of static analysis tools, depending on your project needs:
  • Lint - a simple linter. This tool is automatic, but not sound, and not complete.
  • BMC - a bounded model checker. This tool is automatic and complete, but not sound. It is also highly experimental and should not be used yet.
MISS_HIT also provides some extra utilities not related to static analysis that can be useful in large projects:
  • Trace - a simple tool extracting tracing information from code and tests.
  • Diff - a simple tool for diffing Simulink models, specifically MATLAB code blocks.
  • Copyright - a simple tool for maintaining copyright notices in your code.
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